Love yourself by dancing bachata

Dance is something you cannot explain in words. It is something you have to feel. Every dance style has such a different emotion. It brings out a side of you-you never knew you had, it helps you grow, be more confident, trust yourself and those around and it teaches you to be yourself and express yourself.

Bachata is a style of social dance originating in the Dominican Republic and is danced all over the world. Bachata is a much more sensual dance than Salsa. The music itself is more about love and heartbreak which brings out those emotions. Bachata has much more body isolations, waves and as any dance, it’s all about playing with the music and expressing yourself to it with a partner.

It teaches you to explore yourself, to be more confident and express that with your partner. It is a great dance to do because to have a successful relationship you have got to love yourself and your body. Dance teaches you that. It gives you the kind of confidence and freedom nothing else can. Everything in the world fades away when you dance with the right person to the right song.

Join us on the 29th of August to explore and express yourself by dancing Bachata at VEEVariety.

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