How radical honesty will help you!

How radical honesty will help you?


As human beings who live in a society and a town as big as London we know how communicating is becoming more and more difficult. And we all know why! Well, we sure do know one of the reasons: People are not honest with each other anymore! Whether it is because we are afraid to hurt people’s feelings or to say the ugly truth.

Let’s focus on relationships, loved ones for example. People wait to know each other better before becoming more honest but it should be the opposite. Just imagine this, if since day 1 you have been brutally honest with each other what could you be really afraid of? At least you’ll be sure of one thing is that no matter the person in front of you is frank and isn’t it one of the pillars of a relationship? And it can be the good too: compliment your crush, your partner spontaneously.

And that way of thinking is something we are trying to bring at VEE as we want to help you create a strong relationship but put our little twist on it as always!

Wednesday 26th of September, the place to be is the Sway Bar London for our #VEEVariety event at 7PM with a little game of radical honesty. Just come and see how it goes. You might be surprised.

Be positive, be sincere, be spontaneous

Simply be yourself

Leave the diplomacy at home but bring authenticity and brutal honesty!


Love yourself by dancing bachata

Dance is something you cannot explain in words. It is something you have to feel. Every dance style has such a different emotion. It brings out a side of you-you never knew you had, it helps you grow, be more confident, trust yourself and those around and it teaches you to be yourself and express yourself.

Bachata is a style of social dance originating in the Dominican Republic and is danced all over the world. Bachata is a much more sensual dance than Salsa. The music itself is more about love and heartbreak which brings out those emotions. Bachata has much more body isolations, waves and as any dance, it’s all about playing with the music and expressing yourself to it with a partner.

It teaches you to explore yourself, to be more confident and express that with your partner. It is a great dance to do because to have a successful relationship you have got to love yourself and your body. Dance teaches you that. It gives you the kind of confidence and freedom nothing else can. Everything in the world fades away when you dance with the right person to the right song.

Join us on the 29th of August to explore and express yourself by dancing Bachata at VEEVariety.