How radical honesty will help you!

How radical honesty will help you?


As human beings who live in a society and a town as big as London we know how communicating is becoming more and more difficult. And we all know why! Well, we sure do know one of the reasons: People are not honest with each other anymore! Whether it is because we are afraid to hurt people’s feelings or to say the ugly truth.

Let’s focus on relationships, loved ones for example. People wait to know each other better before becoming more honest but it should be the opposite. Just imagine this, if since day 1 you have been brutally honest with each other what could you be really afraid of? At least you’ll be sure of one thing is that no matter the person in front of you is frank and isn’t it one of the pillars of a relationship? And it can be the good too: compliment your crush, your partner spontaneously.

And that way of thinking is something we are trying to bring at VEE as we want to help you create a strong relationship but put our little twist on it as always!

Wednesday 26th of September, the place to be is the Sway Bar London for our #VEEVariety event at 7PM with a little game of radical honesty. Just come and see how it goes. You might be surprised.

Be positive, be sincere, be spontaneous

Simply be yourself

Leave the diplomacy at home but bring authenticity and brutal honesty!


Part One: How to find your soulmate

Finding your one–and–only

The most common way of existing in the society we live in is having a partner, or at least that is what we have been led to believe.

Surely you will remember more than one family member asking when are you going to introduce them to your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is something that people expect from you. We can feel forced by peer pressure to seek out a partner in life , making us feel down for not having one.

This idea has been introduced through films and stories, through the media, literature and our education, where a whole bunch of ideas are spread and believed. The idea of that perfect ‘partner in crime’, the importance of romance and love, the existence of princes and princesses and the significant fact that it is necessary to suffer for love.

As a result there is a myth that takes shape in our minds: “You need a partner to be happy.”

But this is a very personal election, since many people have other priorities in life than having a partner, which is very respectable. For these people, having a partner can even clash with the lifestyle they want to live, so they decide not to have it.

Having a partner is a choice. It is not something required or compulsory to fulfil your life. Actually, the only person you need to have a fulfilling life is yourself.

You can live perfectly without a partner. Your value as human being does not depend on having a one. It is just other part of the equation of life.

So there is nothing wrong with having a parter (or more), the advice would be;

“Be free enough to think outside the box, explore and don’t feel guilty if something different appeals to you because you have the right to be free”

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Living your life vs Tiptoeing through life

When you go to the local store to buy some groceries, while you commute every day heading your job, while you eat your dinner at home after a long day, while you are chilling with your friends in the pub during the weekend, when you are waiting at the bus stop, even when you are going for a nice walk down the street.

Our smartphones are not just phones anymore. We use them to match people, we use them to connect ourselves with a potential mate or someone who we feel the chemistry with. There are countless of applications that can help us to meet people. We all know them and we know how they work.

Hundreds of profile pics, brief descriptions, distance and age are some of the criteria that we use to decide if we fancy the person or not. It seems simple, you just need to like the picture to let that person know that you are interested. But have you ever thought about the amount of time that you waste trying to match someone?

The more you disconnect from real life and the present, the more you will start feeling apart or begin thinking that you need your phone to connect. Thats a fact. Those apps are here to help you but not to isolate you.

Can you remember the smell of the air when you went to the grocery shop? Can you remember the taste of the meal you had while swiping right? Could you say that the pub was noisy while being with your friends? And, how was the weather when you went for a walk and looked at your phone instead of fully living that moment? If you don’t have an answer you are not living the present as much as you could.

One of the main things that prevents you fully experiencing the life you are living is overusing your phone. Of course there are things that need to be done and checked with a device but there are other things that can be done by yourself. The issue is that nowadays we believe that we need the help of an online app to make sure that we will meet a special person.

Think about the amount of time you spend trying to find someone to finally meet and then think about how much time you spend with that person on the first date. If it is worthy just keep going, if not you might consider start living your life without using a screen.

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